Stardew Valley iOS Mod- Free Unlimited features and cheats

Stardew valley iOS Mod is a role-playing simulation video game. Users take the act of a personality who works for their dead grandfather’s farm place well known as Stardew valley. The game allows its players to take hold of a project such as developing crops, elevating livestock, fishing, cooking, and interacting with the people of the town. This game often allows four players to play online at a time. It is full of excitement and has the best features. Download Stardew valley iOS free Mod from to enjoy pomegranate Stardew features and resources.

What is Stardew Valley iOS Mod For iPhone?

Players love this game for its features and exciting gameplay. At the beginning of the game, players build a character, who becomes the beneficiary of land and a little house that was once bought by his grandfather in a small city termed as pelican town. Users can adopt various farm types, one with a particular theme and different welfare and disadvantage. The cultivated land is first run with gibber stone, trees, and baffle and players work to chaste them and reestablish the farm.  Players socialize with non-player characters to settle the town’s alluring relationships with them. Participants take quests to gain money. Completing numerous tasks permits access to new regions and gaming experience.


In-depth overview

Stardew Valley is an indie farming simulation video game developed by ConcernedApe and published by Chucklefish Games. The game was first released in 2016 and is available for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Vita, iOS, and Android. The game combines elements of roleplaying, simulation, and resource management and allows players to build and manage their own farm. Stardew Valley is one of the most popular farming simulation games in the world, with more than 10 million players.

App Name Stardew Valley Mod
Version 1.5.6
Size 367Mb
Operating System iPhone
Category Simulation
Rating Value 4.2
Rating Count 51578
Price Free
Recently Updated 4 Days ago


Stardew Valley is an open-ended farming simulator. You will take on the role of a farmer, who has inherited a run-down family farm in Stardew Valley from their grandfather. The player must restore the farm to its former glory by growing crops, raising animals, and engaging in various other activities. You can also explore the nearby town, befriend the townsfolk, and build relationships with them.

The gameplay in Stardew Valley is split into two main components: the farm and the town. On the farm, the player can grow crops, care for livestock, craft items, and build structures. You can also explore the mines and caves, which contain valuable resources and monsters. In the town, the player can engage in various activities such as fishing, foraging, and mining. The player can also take part in community events and festivals, which can earn them rewards.

Characters in Stardew Valley MOD iOS

One of the most appealing aspects of Stardew Valley is its colorful cast of characters. There are more than 30 characters in the game, each with their own distinct personalities, stories, and relationships. These characters can be befriended and interacted with, and some of them can even be married. The player’s main companion is their pet dog, who can be trained and taken for walks. The player can also befriend a variety of farm animals, such as chickens, cows, and sheep. The player can build relationships with other characters in the town, some of which can be married.


Farming is the main activity in Stardew Valley. The player can grow a variety of crops, including wheat, turnips, and potatoes. Crops can be planted, watered, and harvested for profit. The player can also take care of livestock, such as chickens, cows, and sheep. Animals can be purchased from the local livestock vendor or bred for profit. The player can also craft a variety of items, such as furniture, tools, and decorations. The player can also build structures, such as barns and coops, to house their animals and store their items.


In addition to farming and crafting, Users can explore the mines and caves in Stardew Valley. These areas contain valuable resources and monsters. You can fight monsters to gain experience and loot, or they can complete various quests to earn rewards.

The player can also explore the town, which contains various shops and services, such as a general store, a blacksmith, and a saloon. The player can also take part in community events and festivals, which can earn them rewards.

Stardew valley Mod For iPhone

Features Of Stardew Valley Mod++ iOS

Unlimited Money

Money is the main currency of this game. You can use the money to customize your farm to the next level. Purchase various items from the shop. Download the Stardew valley iOS Mod from our site to have unlimited money in your game account. Stardew valley money cheat can also be used. Stardew Valley iOS cheats are available.

Make Your Farm

The game offers you to build a farm of your own. You can personalize and make your farm. Made some special arrangements for your farm and try to make it better for others. Develop crops on your farm and seasonal fruits to make a passive income.

Upgrade Your Skills

As you make your process from a small farm holder to an administrator farmer, you’ll go up to 5 different levels of farming, drilling, fighting, fishing, and foraging. you will determine new cooking and cunning methods, new regions to discover and personalize your skills from a diversity of professions. Learn something from a new profession.

Local Community

With above 30 quirky characters living in Stardew valley, you won’t have any issues discovering new friends. Every person has their day-to-day schedule many special days throughout the year. As you become friends with them, they will uncover with you, and ask you for help with their private problems or tell their secrets to you. Stardew Valley cheats mobile are used to have items for free.

Explore New Things

As you move through the map, you will face new monsters and demons, dynamic weapons, new regions, and many upgrading tools.

Spend Time On Fishing Spots

The waters are brimming with periodical variations of fish. Craft bait, bobbers, and crab pots help you in your tour of catching fish and to become a local legend.

More About The Stardew Valley Mobile

Stardew Valley For Mac

Stardew valley is available on Mac book. Download the steam client and install the game by following the instructions. If you want to save storage on your Mac, use the cloud gaming option.

Stardew Valley Pomegranate

The pomegranate is a fruit grown up by originating a pomegranate sapling, remaining 20 days to grow into a tree. It is used in the “Enchanter’s Bundle” on the “Bulletin Board’ and is a choice for an Artisan bundle for the cellar.

Stardew Valley iOS

This game is available for iOS. Download Stardew valley from the App store. Telling you that this game is paid but if you download the mod version from our site, you will get it for free.

Stardew Valley Ps4

This game is also accessible for ps4. You can download and easily play it on play station. Playing this game on play station will give you the best gaming experience.

Stardew Valley iOS Price

Stardew Valley Mobile is a paid game. The developer beyond the game says in a blog that he will cost the game. The price of the game in the App store is 4.99$ not including the in-app purchases. Download the Stardew Valley Mod iOS to play for free.

Stardew Valley For iOS

How To Download Stardew Valley iOS Mod? 

  • Download the game file from the link given.
  • Find the file or the folder where the game file has been placed open the app and click on the install button
  • After clicking, it will ask you to permit to allow them, and the installation starts.
  • After the installation, the game icon will appear on your device screen.

Cheat Codes List For Stardew Valley

Here is a list of cheat codes for the PC version of Stardew Valley. But you can Apply on iOs version.

  • Type “debug” in the title screen to enable debug mode.
  • Press the ` (tilde) key to open the command console.
  • Type “help” to see a list of commands.
  • Type “Money [number]” to change your gold amount (example: “Money 5000” will give you 5000 gold).
  • Type “fps” to toggle the display of the frame rate.
  • Type “time [number]” to change the time of day (example: “time 600” will set the time to 6:00 AM).
  • Type “warp [location]” to warp to a specific location (example: “warp Farm” will warp you to your farm).
  • Type “grow [number]” to grow crops instantly (example: “grow 10” will grow all crops on your farm to their 10th day of growth).
  • Type “additem [item name] [number]” to add an item to your inventory (example: “additem copper sword 1” will give you one copper sword).
  • Type “ssave” to save the game without showing the save screen.

Please note that using cheat codes may affect the game’s overall balance and can cause issues with the game’s functionality.


[su_spoiler title=”Are There Any Cheats For Stardew Valley 2022 Available?” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron”]Yes, Stardew valley cheats 2022 is accessible. Each cheat has its specific function. Use cheats to enjoy every feature or item for free. For example, 472 is for parsnip seeds and 474 is for cauliflower seeds. These cheats help you in your game. Stardew valley cheats money is for unlimited money in your game account. Stardew Valley item codes are used.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Can We convey saves between devices?” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron”]You can transfer between android and iOS, Linux, Mac, and windows. Control has a different composition that’s not suitable for other devices.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Where Can We Report Glitches?” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron”]Report it to the formal site of Stardew valley. There is a support forum on their website.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Can Stardew Valley Cheats Work For Pc?” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron”]Yes, cheats work on Stardew valley for PC but there is another type of cheats format on PC. Mobile cheats are different from PC. You can have Stardew Valley cheats PC from our site.[/su_spoiler]


This game secured positive reviews. Download it on any iOS device iPad or Mac book. Stardew valley has a plain effect on the player’s intention. Through playing the game, we can learn many new skills like bargaining, cooking, and social interplay. This game is a sequel to the harvest moon series. Download Stardew valley from our site for endless features and cheats. Completely safe and secure for your device. Download and enjoy the game.

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